The Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) are the principal organizations for missionary animation and cooperation in the Catholic Church under the direction of the Pope.The main and common purpose of these is to promote the missionary awareness and cooperation of the whole Church among God’s people.

The four Societies are Missionary Childhood (MCH), St. Peter Apostle (SPA), Propagation of the Faith (POF), Pontifical Mission Union (PMU)


The PMS envisage a vibrant missionary Church in Uganda, in which all sectors of people of God are aware of their missionary vocation and are actively involved in the Church’s Universal mission of Evangelisation.


These Societies have the role of directing, co-coordinating and promoting in all the dioceses the activities of Evangelisation, Missionary Animation, Formation and Co-operation in their various forms and maintain relations with the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and the Bishops’ Conference in order to guarantee unity of action for the building up of the Church.


To promote missionary awareness in particular Churches, so that the faithful may personally be involved in the missionary activities ‘Ad gentes’ (Mk; 16:15-16) and be committed to cooperate in the universal missionary activity of the Church.