Was founded in 1916, by Father Paolo Manna who, was a PIME Missionary serving in Myanmar (then called Burma). The Society’s main aim is to promote a missionary spirit among local priests, religious men and women, major Seminarians, Catechists and Consecrated Laity,pastoral leaders and those engaged in catechesis and religious education.

The baptismal mandate, promoted by the PMU, to ‘go to all nations and proclaim the Good News’ is what inspires so many men and women, Religious and lay to witness and share their faith with as Fidei Donum missionaries.

The aims of PMU are:
To promote missionary conscious among seminarians, priests and religious.
To animate all animators of the people of God for the mission by spreading and promoting the other three Societies.

Continuous meditation on the Sacred Scriptures in order to understand God’s universal plan of salvation and the missionary nature of his church.
Read and study the documents of the Second Vatican Council and the Pope’s missionary Encyclicals.
Reflect on one’s own history and the history of one’s church in a universal manner, in order to think and act on a worldwide level.
Involve one’s self in the celebrations of Missionary feasts and solidarity towards all.

Subscribe to national missionary publications and others concerning the problems of the world.
Contribute annually to the PMU to assist in the animation programmes.
Work hand in hand with the National Director of PMS, Secretary for PMU and the Diocesan Directors in organizing the animation activities.
Become an agent of the publications of the PMU International (Omnis Terra) and the courses for Mission.