The Mission Society of St. Peter Apostle was founded in 1889; in France by Jeanne Bigard

with the help of her mother Stephanie. She mobilized funds for the training of local young men aspiring to priesthood.

Today the Society also funds the training of men and women aspiring for Religious Life. Through the collections which are made every year, the society help mission countries to be self reliant in supporting priests, religious men and women and consequently they are able to send priests and religious to other countries.

In Uganda this Society promoted through “SPA Mission Club” in schools, seminaries and houses of formation and other ecclesiastical communities.

The main objectives of this society are;

  1. To promote both local and missionary vocations in the church.
  2. To invite all the faithful to co-operate financially and spiritually in the formation of candidates to priesthood and religious life in the developing world.
  3. To invite and instill a missionary spirit.


Members of the Society
The Society of St. Peter the Apostle has its own members who are both adults and young people whose activities are the following:


Pray unceasingly for missionary priestly vocations in accordance with Jesus’ command: “Ask the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers to his harvest” (Mt 9:38).
Establish a spiritual chain of friendship, interest and sharing in apostolic life through letters, visits and contacts of various kinds between the churches’ various education and formation centers.
Welcome members of other Dioceses and religious Congregations with Christian fellowship and joy into one’s own Institutions in order to offer them a spiritual environment where they can emulate one another in holiness in God’s service.


  1. The Society makes financial contribution to the expansion of Seminaries and Houses of religious formation in Mission lands.
  2. Celebrate Vocations Sunday (generally celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Easter, Good Shepherd Sunday) with prayer, spiritual activities and a special offering for Seminaries.
  3. Provide «Scholarships» for individual seminarians, material and educational needs in Mission lands.
  4. Adopt candidates to the priesthood, both with personal and group contributions, in order to accompany them towards the goal of Priesthood.
  5. On a level of ecclesial organizations undertake to build or maintain new seminaries in Mission territories.

Youth Animators

Youth Animators have both the privilege and obligation of guiding young people in all aspects of life especially directing them in good moral behaviours and in spiritual matters. An animator has the duty of bringing the youth closer to Jesus their Saviour and friend.
Animators are promoters of Faith, Hope and Charity among the youth. They guide them and try as much as they can, with God’s help to lead the youth to a personal encounter with Jesus. It is the duty of the Animator to stimulate in the youth a missionary zeal which is the nature of the Church.

Vocations Sunday In 1963, Pope Paul VI designated Good Shepherd Sunday (the 4th Sunday of Easter) as “World Day of Prayer for Vocations”. This is the day we celebrate the climax of the activities of the Society of St. Peter the Apostle.

A day we pray and promote all vocations in the church, that is, married life, religious life and priesthood.
However, in a special way on Vocations Sunday the church concentrates on the callings to ordained ministers (priests and deacons) and consecrated life (members of religious orders and secular institutes).

We pray especially on that day for those men and women who are serving, God’s people as Priests, Deacons, Religious Sisters and Brothers, that many more will join them.