Because many parishes, sub parishes and schools lack enough building storage in Uganda and beyond. Now the money, the inheritance or the materials you give will support such projects.
This is an ancient model of emotional & spiritual support that can be found in all culture and traditions. It has been described in our modern context as individual and corporate patience in which trained pastoral cares support people of all kinds. When you support it, more people will be reached in order to proclaim good news of Jesus to them.
In Uganda and beyond, we find few seminarians, Catechists and religious people that can financially support their formations. The money or material you give will be used to support such formations!
The Standard of living in Uganda is still lacking. There is a need to invest in hygiene programmes towards the religious and the laity. If your support reaches these situations will highly improve.

Donation options can be through cash, material and inheritance.

You can inquire about donations by emailing us at, by phoning (+256) 0312261093/ 0312266940, or by writing to us  through: The  Uganda  Episcopal  Conference, Pontifical  Mission  Societies, P.O. BOX  24333 Kampala  Uganda