Is to participate in the Mission work and truly is to evangelize the teaching, the life, the promise, the kingdom, and the ministry of the Son of God.

Thus proclaim Jesus as only Son of God – the way, the truth, the life that is taking place today.
The active agents (Mt. 5:12) are to give and hold the faith through Missionary Animation.
In helping to ease the missionary activities towards evangelisation in spite of the number of challenges and persists to play a role as a messenger or instrument of evangelisation – there is a need for a committee formed out of the Society built at all levels be it at parish, diocese, small Christian communities, etc…
Rules and Regulations are a necessity and their duties, is to implement and follow up the decisions.To convene meetings of the society, to finalize the agenda for meeting, to be answerable for mission finances appeals for missions to meet and decide pressing issues on behalf of the society.


To make known its purpose to the churches throughout the world.
To give spiritual nourishment-celebrate-adoration (Holy hour) Eucharistic, rosary.
To be involved in guidance – to prayer, sacrifice, material, finances, cooperation.
To be involved in evangelism work towards young people children and adults.
To have catechists/pastoral workers involved in the animation work-evangelisation.
To encourage the spirit of becoming missionary from the Society at parish, diocese, school, small Christian communities, families.

In order that the activities for Missions may not be limited only to the month of October or only to Mission Sunday, it is highly recommended that as many Christians as possible, after due preparation by their Parish Priest, become members of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith. This involves saying a short prayer every day for the missions and making a modest donation monthly or yearly for the Society.
In order to attain these goals the interest and cooperation of the Parish Priest is indispensable. Moreover, it is strongly recommended that there will be a solid missionary organization at the Parish Level and in our context where we are trying to build up and develop small Christian communities; the missionary organization should start there.

Membership Commitment Plans

Every baptized person can become a member of the Society for Propagation of the Faith.

One has to be ready to get involved in the work of Evangelisation to be sent to preach the Gospel (Mt; 28:18-20)
To be ready to be committed to a life of prayer everyday.
Ready to be involved more often to receive the sacraments especially those of penance and Holy Eucharist.
Invited to a life of sacrifice, fasting and sharing (missionary animation)
Reflect a membership life’s faith as seen in deeds (James 2; 14)