The Society does its activities throughout the year, but intensifies them especially during the month of October. According to the statutes that month should be considered in all countries as the month of the World Mission.
Various activities liturgical, educational and social should be organized during this month in order to sensitize the people in the missionary spirit. These activities reach their climax on the Sunday before the last one of the month of October, which is known everywhere as MISSION SUNDAY. On that day all Christians all over the world are made to recognise their common responsibilities with regard to the evangelisation of the world. It would be advised that the whole liturgy of that day should be Missionary orientated.

The Origin of the World Mission Sunday

In March 1926 the Superior Council of the Society requested the Holy Father for a “World Mission Day”. This was promptly accepted and in October 1927 the first World Mission Sunday was celebrated. Let us add at this juncture that since 1963 under the pontificate of Paul VI, the Holy Father issues a special missionary message to all the Christians and their pastors each year on the occasion of World Mission Sunday. This takes place on the Sunday before the last one of the month of October.
It’s to be noted that the Society of the Propagation of the Faith appears in all the Missionary Encyclicals of the Popes.

This is a day organised and set aside to celebrate the Propagation of the Faith (POF) for the Catholics to re-commit themselves to missionary activities.
I] Done through prayer and sacrifice. Acts 2:42-47
ii] Sharing generously to the needy.

In 1927 the Pope confirmed the 3rd Sunday of October as a mission Sunday dedicated to prayer combined with offerings to missions. Celebrated on the next to last Sunday in October – It is an important day in the life of the Church. Set aside by the Propagation of the Faith to the Church to re-commit themselves to missionary activity through prayer and sacrifice. In solidarity all collections made on this day are sent to Rome for the support of the needs of the universal Church.

Mission Sunday Collection.

Your contribution to the Propagation of the Faith on World Mission Sunday helps in the support of pastoral evangelizing programs like catechists, catechetical work, building churches and chapels, the work of religious communities in health care and education, communication and transportation needs, the buying of Bibles, bicycles for catechists etc.

World Mission Sunday 23rd OCTOBER 2011

The eighty-fifth World Mission Day was held on Sunday 23 October 2011. It had its theme: ” As the father sent me so i am sending you”. “In a multi-ethnic society which is experiencing new and worrying forms of solitude and indifference, Christians must learn to offer signs of hope, to become a universal brotherhood, cultivating the great ideals that transform history and, without false illusions or misplaced fears, undertake to make the planet a home for everyone”, says Pope Benedict XVI in his message for World Mission Day.